Mushrooms of the River Mirna Basin

We are pleased to inform you that Model Forest River Mirna Basin has issued a book "Mushrooms of the River Mirna Basin" that is a result of the joint effort of the members of the association.
Author of the book is our long-term member Josip Simic Marino, an excellent connoisseur of mushrooms and one of the founders of the Istrian Mycological Association.
The Book is describing and presenting 173  underground and aboveground mushrooms, with instructions about the equipment and how to pick mushrooms.
Book is rich with text about morphology, habitat and edibleness of mushrooms that are presented with original photos from the territory of the River Mirna Basin.
Besides that book is providing information about medicinal properties of edible mushrooms and is describing use of self-grown, wild plants of the territory.
The book also contains recipes for salty, sour and sweet dishes based on local mushrooms that the author created and tasted with his wife.
Attached you can see a book and its pages. 
The Project was financed by the Istrian Region and our own resources.