„Traceability of products in Model Forest River Mirna Basin“ project promotion

With the gathering of producers from the territory of Model Forest „River Mirna Basin“ in the educational – gastronomic centre of the Agency for the Rural Development of Istria, another project of the Croatian Forest Research Institute (CFRI) has finished. The project lasted for one year, and it was developed in the cooperation of Centre for Forest Ecosystem Goods and Services „Josip Ressel“ of the Croatian Forest Research Institute, CESEFOR Institute from Spain and Model Forest „River Mirna Basin“.

Traceability of Model Forest „River Mirna Basin“ products is basically a tool intended to help the rural economy through an innovative way of product promotion. Each product that was a part of this project received its own label with a numeric and QR code, through which all relevant product information’s are obtained, from the Model Forest’s webpage, almost instantly: information’s on place of origin, specie it originates from, method of harvesting, information’s on harvester, processor and producer and on the product itself. Except the product promotion, the project builds a network among the local entrepreneurs involved in the process of production, which gives an added value to the product.

The project was financed by the International Model Forest Network through the Mediterranean Model Forest Network.

The project promotion was held on Friday, 19th of July 2015, on which, except the employees of the CFRI, participated the representatives of Agency for Rural Development of Istria, Model Forest members and eight producers from the territory: A&Ž Ltd, Zigante tartufi Ltd, Ipša Ltd, Natura Ltd, Sole proprietorship Karbun and Family run farms Flego and Dantinjana.

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