Mediterranean Model Forest Network (MMFN)

In the Mediterranean Model Forest Network we study the particularities of the Mediterranean region. We develop common objectives, we generate dynamic work environments, and we establish patterns of collaboration between members. We promote the exchange of knowledge, cooperate in common interest areas, and collectively develop innovative capacities.

The Network and its Model Forest cooperate in the development of their activity programs. They are in permanent communication to avoid environmental conflicts and they aim to promote global sustainable development opportunities, in the framework of international commitments and agreements.


- To promote the Model Forest concept.

- To promote and support the development of Model Forest in the Mediterranean region.

- To take advantage of the opportunities that networking provides, to share knowledge, to promote innovative initiatives and to join efforts to work in the development of a more sustainable world.


- To ensure that each Model Forest fully represents the environmental, social and economic characteristics of each territory or landscape on which it is developed.

- To ensure a balance between the concepts of territorial sustainability and global scale sustainability.

- To promote teamwork, cultural and knowledge exchange and the development of new ways of learning and collaboration among Network members.

We integrate the specificities of each territory without losing the overall focus that is reflected by the Principles and Attributes of the International Model Forest Network. Networking contributes to Model Forests being able to share knowledge that in turn helps to achieve global environmental objectives.

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